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Afew days ago ,i asked for help on how to build an on-line daily newspaper /magazine.The synthaiste staff asked me to give them something like this.I wanted something that looks like this :

DESIGNED BY http:johnambuli.synthasite.com

click here to select continent of wanted news
europe Africa North america South america asaia arabia e.t.c

Select country of wanted news
Kenya Click on news cahnnels here
u.s.a politics lifestyle Tours and travels health E.T.C
the u.k

e president has been exucetd in public .........................................
Osama been laden has been spotted strolling on wallstreet .............................
IN Kenya elections will be done by random computer balloting..........................

Journalists will be comtributing from around the world for free twenty four hours of the day

Creating accounts for the journalists i.e(here
register here

then the go to the submission pages i.e
Submit your writing or press release here

Plus all that goes with such a site i.e videos ,chat ,tv,radio ,gambling and sweepstakes ,social net working features,E.T.C
You could add on any thing that will add quality to it !

the other time you sent me some links but i couldn't make it in to something like this .I want a ready website pleaseand i also wanted to have to add such features registering ,leaving comments and so on for those writers who mwanted to join me.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Buldozer,

I like the type of site you propose. It would take a bit of building for a SynthaSite user to create this, and it looks like you've already started at http://johnambuli.synthasite.com by using the blog template.

Automatic submission of articles, which are then automatically categorized, displayed, and searchable is a complex undertaking, which media sites build whole businesses around.

With SynthaSite, you could assemble this yourself (with some manual work), using WuFoo forms, and then posting the articles people submit using our blog engine. I see you've already put up several widgets that provide news feeds, so you've begun to build your vision of the site.

While we don't provide a ready-made solution for exactly what you want, we do provide the tools for you to build it, and we are looking at creating site templates that would get you closer. I'll point this template idea out to the person who is running that project.


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Hi Buldozer,

I've just checked your Web site. I think, we have the same way of unfolding the global contemporary issues and concerns. Our team is still improving our site through SynthaSite builders. You may visit our site at http://intelligentiaresearch.synthasi...

Let me know if you want to link your site to our Worldwide News and Public Affairs. But we're still have to edit your articles for accuracy. it's just a proposal...
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Oh, by the way, those who want to share their language of unfolding the knowledge, they may contribute articles and--as much as possible--quarterly news/featured events in their country. Just contact our team's support and let's see how everybody delivers the information in his/her own way ;-) (I wish one of the SynthaSiters can do things right away.) Good luck!
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Hey Bulldozer,

Check out http://www.nabble.com ..they have a newspaper option, it might be what you want.