Website Design Tip: A Logo is worth a thousand words!

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Having a professional looking logo can really help distinguish your business site and set it apart from others. You want to have a logo that speaks to your audience about who you are, what you do and makes a lasting impression.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Simple
Avoid having too many colors, font types, and detail. You want a logo that is clearly seen and understood at a glance.

2. Adaptable
It's important to have your logo perform under various conditions. The ability to convert from color to black & white, be easily enlarged or shrunk, and printable without losing any of your logo details and identity is handy when considering print marketing and business cards as your needs evolve.

3. Unique and original
Make your logo memorable. The end goal is to have instant recognition when people see your logo!

4. Timelessness
Use a graphic that can sustain through changing design trends.

Yola recognizes how important it is to have an effective logo. We have partnered with HP Logomaker so that our customers can easily create a personalized, professional logo! Yola Silver customers have the benefit of receiving a $50 credit for this feature! For more information, please see Yola Silver FAQ.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Jornes 佐诺斯

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Keep the hardwork, thanks for sharing this with us.
Thank you!
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Good one Sanja.

Couldn't agree more. I always say... Name, Logo, Slogan.
Oh, and of course, a website. But then again, what's in a name?

To quote Shakespeare: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

One of the products I developed and currently sell, I named "Cyclone".
I needed a logo and wanted it to be circular (like a Cyclone). The slogan(s) I already had sorted. It was going to be something like... "Creating a Storm" or "Taking the market by Storm".

Anyway, the logo I eventually came up with was a sort of graphical swirling tribal tattoo representation of a Cyclone. The reason for the tribal tattoo look was because I was hoping it would appeal to the "younger" tattoo brandishing fitters, auto customizers and auto electricians out there. Ever seen LA Customs on TV? That's one of my main markets you see.

Here's the website.
It's an old site (Synthasite days) which badly needs a revamp.
Click on the products page to see the logo.

This isn't a punt for myself. I just thought I would share my own experience regarding logos. I would be very interested to see what others have come up with and their reasoning why.
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Hey Boomer

Nice to see you again! As always, you never fail to impress me :) Your logo is awesome looking. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain your reasons behind what you've done.

I hope others will also follow suit and share their logos and the story behind it!
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That is a cool logo Boomer!
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This is a good tip Sanja! I think all websites should have a logo because it helps people recognize your website and/or company.

I think Yola has an awesome logo! Whenever I see that red "Y" I usually know it's Yola!

Kind regards,
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I love logos. I've read several articles that people are "trained" to look for a logo in the upper left of a website first thing off the bat. If they don't see it, they may not trust your site is professional.

I've gone through lots of designs for my logo. I wanted something that had to do with the name Wolf Media Plus and could be iconic--working well as an instantly recognizable object associated with my company. Imagine the big company logos like Apple--it's an apple (not a computer) with a bite out of it. Simple but memorable.

A wolf was easy and the O in Wolf lends itself well to a moon. Here are several iterations I went through (not all of them!).

Here is what I am using currently. I have not used the black on white version yet but I have it just in case. It's a good idea to design in black and white first--helps to simplify.

You can see I made the moon less of a moon and more of an icon. I made the wolf head larger, though it does tend to become slightly blobby at 16x16 as a favicon but it's not too bad.
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John McCarthy

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I too have had a fair share of my logos. Brand recognition is so important.

Not all of mine got used but most of them did.

As shown i did a rebrand. Which is sometimes good for a business that needs a change to get recognized.
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I love logo's but I'm notorius for sticking with one logo and thats it, I never touch it again. Bit of a bad habit I know but I can't get rid of it.

That's my current logo, I wanted something simple and memorable. I used a Twitter-ish font in blue and a little bird that looks fast. Simple and probably effective I'm not sure yet. I may do a redesign soon.