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This is half a question, half a shared idea (for those who don't know about it).

If you werent aware, you can have your website graded, analysed for free and then it tells you some very simple you can take (even I could do it) on how to get your site that little bit shaper.

My question is what would be considered a good website grade?

I'm up to 70% and can't get listed in the DMOZ, yahoo, Bing or Zoominfo (their add your business page is no linger working). Should I be happy with 70% seeing as Im just a small business, or should I be striving on further for a higher percentage?
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  • 70% there

Posted 10 years ago

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Whoops, here's where you get your site graded.
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That website grader is excellent thanks for that!
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You know I don't take too much stock in the Website grader there. I never have...

The fact that they are using the alexa information for Synthasite or YOLA instead of our websites with a sub domain is reason one to wonder about them.

There are others but I think a page grade like those they offer are more to show what you need to work on from reading the results and not the grade itself.

My results are all messed up and I am a whopping 53

My search results speak for them self don't they? Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others seem to like my site regardless the 53 grade and have me listed on the first pages of nearly all my keywords and phrases so is the grade something that I will use to judge my sites worth? I think not...

My 2 cents worth

Happy site building
You can see my updated site here.
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Hey Ed,

Something you may want to have another look at are those Picturetrail widgets.
They take an awfull long time to load and sometimes they just never do. I know my connection speed has been hit and miss lately but I always seem to have a problem with Picturetrail. I just spent 10 minutes on your site and the Picturetrail slideshows never loaded once. The rest of your page(s) load fine and fast.

You have done a great job reducing your banner and background file sizes.
It's just pity your pages have to be relient on some third party app slowing
it down. When Picturetrail does load the slideshows look great.
I've only seen the one on your home page once though.

This is what the offending image looks like:

Please don't take any offence by my unofficial, uninvited "site review."
How about hosting your own slideshows on your site. I know...Picturetrail's one's do look great! Just a thought. I'm going to rip the one off forsite when I get back to working on that site, which is long overdue by the way.
Maybe I'm jumping the gun and it's a problem from my side only.
Maybe some other users can comment here?

P.S. I love the new avatar (your best one ever)
And btw you can post of that Santa flying licence now because I know where
Mr.Honeypot is this week. He's in Lithuania drinking that other
nectar isn't he ;-)

P.P.S. Sorry for hijacking your thread Will. Your site STILL looks brilliant and I'm suprised it hasn't been featured by Yola yet.
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I use website grader and it is handy as one of many tools but isn't the end all be all .DMOZ can take many months and sometimes you just don't get in regardless....I would help you verify with Bing but they have changed things up again so I need to look into it and rewrite the tutorial I wrote.Here is their page with new instructions to submit your site and sitemap xml. Have you looked into Google and Bing local business listings? I think those would do well for you and they are free listings.