What are some of your favourite things about Yola?!

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Yola has so many great things I love! These are my top 3 favorite things:

1. Yola's customers!
I love the interaction I see here on our forum - the advice, helpfulness, camaraderie, and feedback given all lends to making this one phenomenal community!

2. Column Divider Widget
This tool is such a great way to manipulate the layout on your page! For more information on how to maximize this tool's potential, please see this tutorial: Using the Column Divider Widget.

3. HTML Widget
I don't know what I would do without this feature! This widget has allowed me to tailor my sites to make it uniquely my own such as having custom menus, tweaking the style, adding custom slideshows and so much more! Check out this tutorial on how to add HTML to your site: Adding HTML.

I could go on and on, but I want to hear from you! Share with us what you really like and perhaps we'll discover something new!
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  • so glad to be a part of this community!

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1 Column Layout
Using that and Sanja's #2, the Column Divider widget, I can lay out my page any way I want. It's also gives me the ability to put a wide footer at the bottom of the page.

Multiple Sites
5 sites are included in the free account and 25 in Yola Silver. It's great to have the extra sites to use for testing different layouts and styles without messing around in a live published site.

Yola Customer Forum
This is a great place to get help with problems AND ideas for using Yola's features. There are so many smart and helpful people--both Yola users and the Yola Team.
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Yes.. I agree Jean! Having those multiple sites is a great benefit! When I first started, I had to learn the hard way to make sure that I test all my codes on a test site first :)
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Hmmmm this is tuff.

1. The friendly, always optimistic and helpful staff.
What can I say the whole team from A-Z are just wonderful.They make Yola customers feel like family.

2.The cheapness and quality of the packages.
So many great styles and packages.All for great prices!

3.Everyone who is apart of Yola.
Staff, Champs , customers new and old. Without them Yola wouldn't be Yola.

"I simply remember my favourite things, And then I don't feel soooo bad."
Sound of Music.


Love You Yola!!!
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You must have read my mind John! :) That song was my inspiration!
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The Forum
This place is awesome! So many different types of people, loads of knowledge and tips being thrown around daily. One of the best bits of Yola.

HTML Widget
Like Sanja, I like the HTML Widget, without it, my website wouldn't have been possible to make (literally, the homepage is ALL HTML widgets!)

Password Protection
Without this, many of my website's secrets would be revealed, and that's not good! And let's face it! What other Site builders do you know that offer password protection on FREE accounts!??

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Oh nice call on the Password Protection feature! That is definitely a great feature!
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1. All time fav by far is properties side bar ....Putting our SEO info where it needs to be is huge in my book.

2.Yola making our xml sitemaps for us as we create our pages.

3.Being able to make a quick change when needed.....For example my product comes out of Thailand and there is a delay in ocean freight at the moment....It took me five min to inform visitors on my site about the few items that now have a longer lead time.

4. The LittleUs A.I. program.
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Hey John! Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful world of SEO! That is definitely a big bonus with Yola :)
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I thought you might like number 4 better ha ha.
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hahahah John! I totally didn't see that! Gosh.. that brings back fond memories! Thanks big brother ;)
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My favorite things about Yola are...

Customer Support!

The customer support here is awesome! The best I have ever heard of! Keep up the fantastic work!

This forum

I like to be able to help people out on this forum and I like getting help my self! It is a good feeling to know that I am helping people out! :)

The site builder's colors and features

The site builder is so awesome! I like how we can set the page titles, use a custom domain, buy a domain, the layout settings, the styles, and everything about it! It is so nice and I hardly ever have any problems with Yola! I also like the colors and theme of it! The color looks very nice. It is a very nice layout to work on a website! It is better than the older one before the site builder "got a face lift!"

Multiple sites & unlimited pages!

I love the feature where we can have more than one site on our account! Like some of the web builders only allow one and they limit the number of pages. But with Yola, the pages are unlimited and we get 5 sites!

The HTML widget

If it wasn't for the HTML widget, my website probably wouldn't be as good as it is right now! I mean., I wouldn't be able to use authpro, or add CSS, or do anything with HTML! I am glad there is a HTML widget!

All of the employees at Yola!

Everybody at Yola are very nice people and they are very helpful! Thanks so much to everybody at Yola, you all rock!

The designers / engineers

You guys rock! You made the Yola website awesome and it looks very nice! It has a good taste and it has nice colors! Also, you guys really care about everyone's sites and I couldn't believe it when I heard that you guys where up at like 3:00am to fix the DoS attack! Great job!

Thanks so much everybody, and Sanja, thanks for posting this - it is a time where I get to tell everybody how I feel about Yola!

Overall, Yola is my favorite company of all! If it wasn't for Yola, I don't think I would be creating websites right now! I found Yola by just Googling "free website" and Yola came up and I started building my sites! Thank you so much Yola! I am so happy with Yola!

Thanks everybody!

Nathan Johnson
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Thanks Nathan for your glowing reply! It's fantastic to hear how you've really enjoyed using Yola :)
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Sanja and Jeremy.
Two column divider.
Yola Code site; More than anything this has allowed people to develop beyond the basics and be confident that other codes can and do work. It's great to see this stuff put into a Yola perspective. Thanks Boomer and Sanja. I look forward to the future development of this.
The image optimiser and how you can turn it OFF