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My on-line store is the absolute worse decision my new business has ever made!!!! The Yola website builder and hosting software and site are top-flight, but OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY INTO THE STORE! First of all paypal has systems and features that are free and work. Just put buttons on your site, and paypal does the rest with little more then having to enter the e-mail address that you have associated with your paypal account. However, if you're dumb enough to buy into Yola's on-line store, you'll soon be asking yourelf "What the f**K did I pay for this headache for? For example the store has payment gate ways, which won't or don't sink up with paypal as promised. Then there is no "trigger, go, yes, do it, now, or action" button on the stupid Yola store site. So, if you are stupid enough to believe that when you pay an IT company to do its job and deliver a working and functional site and product like I was, you can end up having $2100 jammed up in your on-line store, with no way to get the orders processed, yourself paid, see which customer orders are good, fake, repeats, bounce, or any of the usual sorting out of the books usually associated with any business. No, the orders sit there, and you have no way of knowing what's going on, and you certainly can't ask your customers "Hey, did you pay me?" As part of your business is being an efficiency expert and consultant, and not having your own house and books in order is just a sign of incompetent management of the highest order. So, you take your customers word that they paid, but only after waiting and delaying on your own time tables because you damned it store doesn't have a god damned process order or send to paypal button!

For over a month and through multiple attempts and even having to hire your own outsourced IT guy to come in and try from your end, and Yola and paypal still can't get their s**t straight enough to talk to each other and process my damned orders. Then Yola wants you to upgrade to this, and paypal say switch to that, and still nothing! It's like these two are having a pissing contest, and I and my business are stuck in the middle. Yola says get an online merchant account, paypal says standard users don't need a merchant account. I say if I have to get a damned merchant account, then why do I need either company at all? I'll just link the merchant account up directly to my store, let the merchant bank and it's in house processing software do the job. What the hell???? I mean, do they do this crap do every one, or am I just that special asshole they decided to really stick it to? I apologize for my language, but for the past month this little or huge problem between yola and paypal has caused me no end of stress, brought the real functions of my company and business to a screetching halt, because I don't want to continue my marketing efforts or anything else and have more customers or possible not customers pay me or not pay me and I do the work any way, all because I made the piss poor choice to use Yola's webstore. NEVER USE IT! RUN LIKE HELL! DON"T LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU!!!!!

I am not even exaggerating. To add to it, their customer service. Is a combination of sarcastic "What you're to stupid to figure it out" attitude, while they give you half asssed instructions of what to do (KIND OF)! That's when you can get a hold of any one, and when you do they have a policy of "Not disclosing that information." What? It makes me want to tell them, "Look you egotistical IT peasants, I am opening an on-line store to sell corporate leadership and management training and educational on-line simulations and learning systems. not transfering national secrets, and even if I were... You assholes are not the freaking CIA or James Bond! There is no logical reason why you can't give me more information on the problem with my information and asccounts, how decisions were made, where thery're recieving their information, and based on what criteria and sources! So my money or not money sits, without me able to process a transaction (WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE AUTOMATED!), so I can figure out what is what and who is who! On the plus side, they are egotistical and dumb enough to ask for customer opinions and have those opinions post straight to facebook without review! So that's why you see the long and true review! The pricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • happy I finally got to honestly vent, but pissed the problem still persists

Posted 7 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Joel,

I'm sorry to read about your frustration with the Yola Online Store. I have reviewed both your account and support history in its entirety to better understand the problem and I'm afraid I'm at a bit of a loss. I can see that you have sent 2 inquiries regarding the set up of your store, both of which were answered promptly. The first was handled by Nazlie and the second by Andre. Neither of their replies indicated anything about not being able to disclose information and both provided detailed steps to rectify your concerns of setting up PayPal as your payment processor. Because you did not reply to either of those messages we had no indication that you were still struggling. Are those the support requests you are referring to? If there is other correspondence for me to review, please send them to my attention at support@yola.com.

Yola doesn't collect, hold or process your money in any way. Instead, we integrate with a variety of payment gateways which make the payment transactions from your buyers to you. So, the Yola Online Store serves as a transmitter in your transactions: it collects your customer's information, saves it for you to be able to see your customers and sales later, and passes it to special payment systems— third party payment gateways/processors that specialize in processing credit cards and provide security level required for storing and manipulating with such sensitive data. The process of withdrawal of money from that system will depend on the payment solution you choose.

We agree that PayPal buttons can suffice for some basic ecommerce needs or to collect donations. However, if your business requires more advanced functionality such as inventory management or the ability to sell digital downloads, the Yola Online Store offers those features and more, none of which can be done exclusively with PayPal.

Currently, your online store account is still active. We would love to continue to work with you to ensure it is set up properly, or if you prefer to cancel it, we can assist you with that as well. Please let us know here how you would like to proceed.