What is the best way to change over to a new domain name?

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I have had guidographics.synthasite.com for about 2 years.
Today I purchased guidographics.com.
I have pointed the A record on the new domain to my site. (go-daddy)
I have left the synthasite domain active as well and it is set to the primary.
Both domains work and go to my site.
I have analytics running as well as 100+ directory listings with the synthasite.com extension.
I am finally showing up on some page 1 and 2 Google search words
(like: graphic designers orlando fl)
and dominate the google search of Guido Graphics.

What is the best way to change over to the new domain and keep my rankings, listings and analytics intact?

Thanks for any input you may have!
And a very merry Christmas to all of the great yola forum people!

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Posted 9 years ago

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Hey Guido :)

I'm not sure there's a best way to change over to your new domain other than manually going through each service and making the change. You will need to reverify your site with Google Webmaster, resubmit a sitemap, and get new Google Analytics code if you are using Google Analytics etc.

It will take some time for Google to re-spider your site and see that there have been changes. When these changes are detected Google will remove the old domain name from the index and put in the new one.

Perhaps there are other people on the forum who have some suggestions. I'll also check whether Emmy has any pointers to give you.
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Thanks Marije.

Do you know if I leave both the gg.synthasite.com domain as the main, and point the gg.com domain from godaddy as a second like I have, if it will cause a problem with my rankings?

I guess that if it will not cause any issues, I might as well leave it as it is and keep the gg.synthasite.com locked down.

I think I read somewhere that if I un-publish gg.synthasite.com that domain is again available to someone else. Is that correct?

When I enter gg.com the browser window still shows gg.synthasite.com url when the site loads. so i have to assume as far as analytics is concerned, the visit is still to gg.synthasite.com ???

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Hi there Guido!

Changing your domain name will always have some impact on your search engine rankings, but making sure that there is a 301 redirect in place so that your site visitors that use the old domain name will still arrive at your site, and also re-verifying your site with Google Webmaster and re-submitting a sitemap will help. We take care of the 301 redirect for you when you publish to a custom domain from a subdomain.

What is happening right now is your custom domain is redirecting to your subdomain, we can fix this for you so that it is the other way around and make the custom domain the primary and make the subdomain redirect to it.

If you would like us to take care of this please email us at support@yola.com and we can take care of this for you.

Kind Regards,
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Thanks emmy,

I think I saw where to do that under advanced domain settings where you can pick the one you want as the primary. Is that it? And would changing that to the new url mess up all the data that has been collected in analytics?

I also bought 3 more urls today - orlandographicdesigners.biz / .net
and orlandographicdesign.biz.

I had go-daddy forward the 3 new urls to guidographics.com which has an "A record" pointed at guidographics.synthasite.com - which is the primary url in the advanced domain settings of yola.

(If you type any of them, guidographics.synthasite.com shows in the url bar of the browser when the site loads.)

Does that sound right to you?

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Hi there Guido,

Emmy isn't online at the moment but possibly I can help you...

Yes, by changing your domain you will have to change your Analytics settings.
Configuring your domains the way you have should work but you can also assign domains another way.

If you have purchased more than one domain on Yola or purchased from another domain registrar and pointed it to Yola, you can easily assign (publish) these domains to one of your sites by accessing the Advanced Domain Settings. Here's how:

1. Login to your account on Yola.
2. On the My Sites page, scroll to the bottom and check the box next to "Enable Advanced Domain Settings".
3. Scroll back up to the top and click on the link "Advanced Domain Settings".
4. A new page will open
* If you would like to publish to a domain bought externally, click on [Add a domain that I already own] and you will be able to assign it to the particular site.
* If you bought the domain from Yola, it will already be listed on the page and you will be able to click on the drop-down menu to assign it to a different site.
6. Click on "Click to apply changes".

By assigning a domain as "Primary Domain", this will be the canonical (primary) domain and the one the other domains will redirect to.
(Note: You will have to configure your domains to point to Yola first though)

I hope this helps.