When you have a page lock out , remember the number 1 and it will help you out... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

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So a little poetic comedy to lighten a disheartening situation that I had earlier today.

It has happened countless times this last year and I am sure that I shared how to fix it in my many posts at least once or twice but I felt it needed its own thread...

There comes a time when you place a new code or one that you edited yourself onto one of your pages and you don't know there is a monster lurking until you refresh that page or go to another and return to it. That monster of which I speak is the nasty Lock Out Gremlin. It happens when you load your page and it fails to fully load and sometimes leaves you with the inability to move, delete or edit your text, images or widgets.

I am sure that many of you know this monster quite well but for those of you who just joined us on this quest we call website building let me warn you that it may happen when you go off the farm to graze for scripts or codes that may or may not be the real deal and work with the YOLA site builder.

There is a quite simple repair to this bug and I share it with you now so that you do not come running when the Gremlin comes a calling...

1) Open your Notpad to a blank text document
2) Open your site builder with the problematic page
3) Go to the very last widget or HTML widget that you remember placing on your page and click on the upper left corner to open the code editor
4) Highlight all the code, right click and then copy
5) Go to your Notepad and paste the code into the text document to save it for rebuilding your site later and then hit enter a few dozen times to ensure that you do not mix up codes.
6) Return to your widget or HTML editor and delete all the code contained within the widget you just copied from
7) Type the number 1 (any number or letter will work) Sometimes I type in the word "Sunlight" as that is the only thing that killed the gremlins in the movie. LOL Ok I am joking about that one...
8) Click "OK" Most often you will see your content (all but a few lines of it) disappear. It is OK do not panic it will return... I promise ;) OK, well what do you have to loose huh? Your page was frozen in time anyway right so what harm can come? Kidding... I have always gotten my content back.
9) Click the site builder "Refresh" button.

Let your page load and try to move your images, text widgets or other that were frozen before, If your page is still frozen you have not found the problematic code yet so continue until you do. Go to the first Widget or HTML widget and repeat steps 3 through 9 over again until your page either loads and you can edit your content or you have run out of codes. If you have run out of codes then the problem is somewhere within the system but the likelihood of that are remote as such a bug would be rather widespread and affect more sites than just your own.

Keep in mind that if after you load your page and it works fine and you can once again edit, move and play with your content do remember to delete that last code from your Notepad text editor so that you do not use it again ;)

If you repaired your page then Congratulations and party time... You then must rebuild it by copying each of the codes you pasted into that Notepad document (less the one that did not work and broke your page) back into widgets or HTML widgets on your page...
Funny but true story... Today I happened upon a page in one of my other sites which I promised myself I would repair 6 months ago but never got to it and thought hey there must be a reason for me not doing it then and then it came to me... Write a tutorial on how to fix it... Well, it took no longer than 5 minutes to bring back to life a page that was frozen for 6 months. It was a commonly used mouse over code which has been on so many websites built with YOLA (mine included) but for some reason did not like another code on the page... Funny thing is that the tutorial took 10 times longer to write... LOL Hardy har har...

Anyway, I hope that this one day helps someone out as it has me countless times before...

Happy site building

You can check out my updated site here...

You can find many of my threads here... Just look for the light bulbs
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Posted 10 years ago

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Thanks Ed for enlightening us with this handy tip.

BTW... it's great to see you active on the forum again! You've been missed! =)
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Nice one! The gremlins always get me, with their cute javascript code..., then bam, error!