Where can I find the url for the images in file manager?

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How can I set up an image file to act as a bookmark link on my page? I cannot find the URL for my image files, and most java scripts require that you place a section of code in the tag, which does not seem to be available with the template format. Can anyone help me?
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hello Alan,

Your images are stored in "resources" of you website. Accessible with the "File Manager" and addressable with the link code:

mywebsite.com/resources/{folder name}/image.ext

The folder name is only appropriate if you have created a special folder for your images in the resources folder.

As dfar as placing an image in your bookmarks if you are using Firefox then it's very straighforward. Place a favicon on each of your pages. This is accessed from the sitebuilder on the RHS "properties". You simply click the ellipsoid button, select an image on your PC or in the File Manager and click. The builder generates the Favicon for you.

If you are using another browser there are options. If you can get back here if required.

Good luck.
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this is a section cut from a post by Ed of Http:honeybearplayhomes.com
The built in favicon generator in the site builder presently only supports the Firefox browser. That's why you may not be able to see your favicon in IE or another browser.Here is a cross browser code for favicons. I have used it for some time myself...

I am presently using this code on my site and as you see it is cross browser compatible... http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite....

1) Upload your favicon to your file manager. (If you already created one with the built in generator then you may not need to make another as it is already in your file manager.)

Edit the following code as follows...
1) You just need to substitute "YOURSITEHERE" in the code below with your site name
2) Chage the "favicon" to your favicon name in the code
3) Highlight the code between the <!-- & --> and copy
4) Open a HTML widget on your page in your editor and paste into it the code you have created
5) Update your site



<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://YOURSITEHERE.synthasite.com/re...>


Here is an easy favicon generator if you wish to make one from an image.


Happy site building
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Does this answer your question, Alan, or do you need more information?
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Stewart Scott

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In addition to this query I would like to know how I can find the URL to a wave file that I have uploaded into my file manager.

I have chosen an MP3 player from the the widget box gallery but I need the URL to a sound file (is wave file ok?)

I will look forward to your reply Ruth.

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Hi Stewart,

The path to your files would be:

"resources" is the name of the File Manager (you must not change that).
"folder" - if your file is in a folder, include the folder name.
"file.jpg" is the name of your file.

Please ensure that the path name is identical to the one in the File Manager in terms of upper and lower-case letters, dots, dashes etc.

A wave file might not work and would recommend that you convert it to mp3 first.

I hope that helps!
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Stewart Scott

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Thanks for that - any ideas how I can quickly convert a wav file into an MP3

really grateful for you help
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Here is a link to a website that I found with more information on how to do this: http://www.wav-mp3.com/. Otherwise you should just do a search on Google for something like "convert wav file to mp3" and see what other types of things are available.