Who logged into my site via my site builder?

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Ordinarily I am pretty easy going about such things but to see that someone viewed my site in Bristol England in the site builder is tre bizarre seeing as I am in Redmond Washington USA... This kinda off putting to say the least...

I'm a little flustered and wondering if I should be changing my password or something.

If it was a Yola employee then it would have been nice to have been asked first or at least been given a heads up so as to not freak me out. I've let it slide on many occasions the times that I have seen either the bay area or SA log in without so much as a peep only to spend sometimes nearly 30 minutes looking around. I figured that "hey maybe it's training purposes or to see how I did something" so I never said anything. I think that in the time that I've been here I have seen dozens of times and hours worth of viewing by the company on my site but never from England... That is what makes it different this time...

This time I would like some sort of answer as to who it was poking around inside.

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Posted 9 years ago

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I would be upset and concerned also Ed . . . If it was Yola I feel/hope they would ask you first as Monique did with me a couple of years ago.
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Wow make sure nobody update or add new page or add same bad link to your page. Like "iframe" And virus scan your computer for keylooger. and change your password
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Hi, Ed,

We do not have anyone in Bristol, England and if we did I don't know why they would be looking at your site. A change of password would probably be a good idea. If there's any information as to who this might be that you can send us please do email it to us so we can take a look. Normally, we only "poke around" a site when there is a problem and an email is sent. I will check into this issue as well. I've never poked around your site though it's tempting! :) I have viewed source though to see how you've done stuff. Love the Halloween theme, btw.
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Thanks Diane

Like I said, my site has been poked around since 2008 and I've been pretty accommodating as I knew that it helped make the site builder a better toolset. My site builder and site has been accessed in far away places, downloaded, used as an example at trade shows and used to benchmark releases. I guess I just freaked a little when I saw a location that I never heard a Yola rep as coming from.

If it was not Yola then I will just chock it up to someone either copying code from my site and pasting into theirs or that they have linked to my site in their site builder and in the site preview clicked the link to my site which would have opened my site in their preview given me a false positive. In the good old days the link would have taken me straight to their site preview so that I could see what and where it came from but now the previews are all restricted. This is not so good for those who have their sites ripped and copied as I have had a handful of times. I have been through hassles of the removal of no less than 5 sites hosted elsewhere that copied all or parts of my sites and used it on their own with one of which who did here in the forums and bragged about copying my site to his. Some companies like Yola were Johny on the spot and the offending site was taken down in hours but some took weeks.

No harm no foul and no need to investigate... If I see it again then that might change.

Glad that you enjoy the 24 hour Halloween theme. Funny that what took me 6 or so hours to design now would have taken me a week in the beginning of my website building experience. Even funnier is that I spent over an hour trying to find a corner spiders web to use on my site and after not finding the perfect one spent 10 minutes designing one in Gimp.

You see the scary hiding ghost? Too scary. ;) lol

Thanks again...
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Hi Ed,

Thanks for your understanding and we will continue to check things on our end. Your site and your expertise has been invaluable! We certainly do appreciate your tolerance. However, we do need to ensure that you are first asked! We'll be sure to communicate this to everyone. Please let us know if you see any further issues with this.