What SEO features are available to (non-Yola Gold) subscribers?

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This is a scam if ever there was one.
Yola helping get our sites out there and noticed with SEO should be part of any paid for packages and not just the over expensive gold package.

It would not hurt yola to just for once not to discriminate between packages with something that should be for all paid members sites.

Here is the scam.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi a1web UK,

SEO features are added to each Yola site, they are just not apparent from the Sitebuilder. The SEO Scan is a part of the Yola Gold hosting package which enables you to hone in on your SEO and make it easier to understand. We regret that you think this is a scam, however we think it is a valuable part of the package.

Here are some of the SEO benefits we offer each site for free:

- Publish a search engine compatible XML site map.
- Alt tag options for all images.
- High load time.
- Images are optimized and have dimensions parameters.
- Meta descriptions tags adding for each individual page.
- All content is HTML and indexable (as opposed to Flash based sites or Javascript initialized content).
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okay jackie I'm ready to to be taught.
so lets do this step by step.

1. Please tell me where to find and Publish a search engine compatible XML site map in the editing menu. ??
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I think Jackie is referring to this resource:

The sitemap is published automatically by Yola, and as is the case with most SEO the site creator has to take the steps necessary for the actual optimization.

Most companies have different levels of support and services based upon the subscription level, so doing the scan for a higher level of subscription or package makes sense.

I have been very critical of some of the decisions Yola has made in the past, but this one actually makes sense. As a free or basic level package member you have the tools to optimize your site to the extent you have the time and inclination to do so. If it makes sense to you from a business standpoint to have someone else do it for you, Yola offers the service, but if you follow the tips in the tutorials and follow suggestions here in the forum, you can accomplish a great deal yourself.
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Thanks Rose Marie for your help. I have looked and found the SEO tutorials and at a glance, they will be useful to go back and read in greater detail as time permits.

By the way I'm not free or basic member . . I have two nearly full silver accounts so I really should be in with more SEO options.
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Thankyou admins for removing some earlier replies that had nothing to do with the post.
After viewing the replies in my email and searching thier email on google.. I found this is the actual scam they were atempting.

People, please always be aware of this sort of scam.. It still amazes me how many fall for it after all these years. .. view the scam and keep it in memory for future safety online.

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Another good resource for SEO tips is the Yola blog, I have found several very helpful articles there in the section Promoting your website.