Why can`t I access my account when I have been validated through my email!

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Why can`t I access my account after I have done every possible thing that was asked of me?
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Posted 12 years ago

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this sucks

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Whoever wants to help me,NEVER MIND! I am out of here!
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Official Response
Hi Cooper

I am so very sorry. We want to get you into your account immediately so you can start creating your site.

Please email support@synthasite.com, I will see what the has gone wrong and I am sure we can get you up and running in no time.

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Yes, I'm sorry that we were not able to help you right away, but we'd love to help you out if we can. Monique can fix your problem, I'm sure of it.
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monique mite feel her answer fulfills the question asked, but I assure you it does not, when i type in my domain name why will it not pop on on yahoo, or google?
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Is that what this question is about? Search results in Google?
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Hi Sissy,

Monique is answering a different question here, to the one you are asking. The customer above could not access their sitebuilder to edit their site.

If I understand your question correctly you are wondering why your domain name is not appearing in search engines yet. Is that correct?

If so, I have a few questions:
When did you publish your site? It takes time for sites to be indexed by Google and Yahoo!
Do you update your site regularly with fresh content?
Do you have incoming links - sites that have a similar content to yours who link to your site?
Finally would you mind sharing your URL with us so that we cantake a look at your site for you, please?
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Hi Sissy,

It takes time for new sites to be picked up by search engines, and there's no guarantee that you'll show up for the searches you want to. There are however, things you can do to increase your ranking.

Search engines like Google show users the sites that they think the users will find useful. The most important things you can do to get your site indexed is to update your content frequently and get other related sites to link to your site. If users like your site enough to post a link to it, search engines begin to trust your site a little more. This also applies to visitors - the more visitors you have, the more likely search engines are to send other visitors to you. While many users have achieved good search engine rankings with a SynthaSite subdomain, using a custom domain name will make it easier for users to remember and revisit your site.

You can submit your site to Google through a program called Google Webmaster Tools. We have posted a tutorial that walks you through the steps to do so at http://www.synthasite.com/tutorials/g.... When you submit your site, it's a matter of sitting back and waiting for Google's crawlers to reach your site. This could take as little as a few days, or as long as a few months. Unfortunately, this is out of our control.

You can also add tags to your pages to tell search engine's what your site is about. These are key words which will help search engines identify your site. In the properties sidebar for each page you will see a field labeled "Keywords". Type your tags in there - your location, your business, what you offer etc. This is the place to put the sorts of things you'd expect people to be typing into search engines to find you. You should also add a description into the "Description" field - this should be a sentence or two describing your site. An example of a description would be "The Quick & Easy Website Builder that Requires NO Technical Skills and offers free website hosting." The "Window Title" is what shows up at the top of a browser when viewing your page - this won't affect SEO but you should make sure this accurately represents your site. Then be sure to republish your site.

Here is a link to another tutorial that gives you some more tips on attracting visitors: http://www.synthasite.com/tutorials/p... We also have a thread in our forum with more info: http://getsatisfaction.com/SynthaSite...

If you're a small business or affinity group, you may want to have a professional help get traffic to your site. Some businesses on SynthaSite have found it useful to work with an SEO (search engine optimization) company to improve their rankings and reach visitors. If you'd like to do so, we suggest speaking with our partner http://www.inlocal.com/?kbid=4268&m=20

If you want to see who is visiting your site, we suggest that you install Google Analytics. Here's how to do it:
1. Go to https://www.google.com/analytics/ and sign up for a free account
2. Type in the URL of your site
3. Copy the verification code provided by Google
4. Go to SynthaSite and drag and drop a HTML widget at the bottom of each page you want to track
5. Paste the code from Google into the HTML editor on each page
6. Republish your site

Your site will then be verified and you can log into your Google Analytics account to find out all the information you want to know about the people who have visited your site.