Why can't I verify on Google?

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I have spent 2 weeks trying to set up a web site with Google, So that I can get traffic to it. It doesn't work. I tried to cut and paste the meta tag and I can't do it. I highlight the area on the google meta tag(the long lineof letters and numbers) then I right click the mouse and there is no cut or paste on the list that pops up .One time there was but it was not dark only light words and when I tried to click on it, it dissappeared. I am going nuts with this and am extreemly unhappy with the internet--it isnot for ordinary people, and anybody who says otherwise is not new to this, but experienced. Most of the time I don't know what you are talking about. I even triedto insert the meta tag manually, and when I hit verify on theGooglepage it said the tag waswrong/but all the letters and #'s were the same. How doesanyone get anything done ? I was able to do my page on your site, but can't connect to google webmaster. What'swrong ? Help!!!
I just tried to addan imageto thisnote. I pressed the button "add an image" and up popped some abreviations that I have no clue as to what they mean--and so goes the saga of my continued internet experience!!!!! By the way I have a very high I.Q. and have gone beyond undergraduate study. I am only telling you this because I believe I can understand simple instructions, I tried to follow yours, but nothing worked.
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Hi Max Club,

I'm so sorry you are having a difficult time with this. It certainly can be a bit tricky at times. To verify your site with Google Webmaster you need to use the meta tag option. It is very important that you copy the correct portion of the tag in order to be successful. Copy only the letter/number string between the quotation marks and paste it in the designated field in the Properties sidebar.

For detailed, step-by-step, instructions on how to verify your site with Google Webmaster and submit a sitemap, please see our Google Webmaster Tutorial - http://www.synthasite.com/tutorials/g.... Please use our instructions and not Google's. Google's are written on the assumption that you are coding the website from scratch. Our instructions are written to work specifically with SynthaSite.

Can you please try our tutorial one more time and if you are still having problems, then can you please email support@synthasite.com and I will help you from there.
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The problem is he can't copy/paste! max club, what browser are you using?
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Oh I SOOOOO know how you are feeling! Try this: Instead of using the copy cut and paste thing use Control c and Control v.
You will highlight the area you want to copy then hold down control button and hit c.
Then go into the sythasite editor and find the html area where you want the code to be placed.
Put the cursor in that area and hit Control V.
See if that works.
I am like you, learning each day. It is frustrating when you feel that you need to have a surgeons degree to work this stuff but eventually it does fall into place so don't give up on yourself! Keep asking questions. You will run into other problems the google analytics also, just a for-warning, push through it until you get what you want. It is like wrestling with the angel in the bible. Don't let it go until it blesses you.
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thank you for your answer and the two other people who responded as well. I finally did it by typing in the tag myself, I couldn't do it any of the other ways. As far as what browser am I using, what does that mean? The biggest problem I have is understanding what the terminology is. All these words that are not familiar and the abreviations that I haven't a clue about--that's the main problem I have. I need an English to internet dictionary!! Ha! Ha! Not so funny--maybe a business project for some geek who has a friend who speaks English or maybe these is someone out there who speaks both there who speaks both and can translate in easy clear terminology. The glossaries I've seen aren't that good, because they use "internet" to explain "internet". (By "internet" I mean the terminology or language of the internet! ) Now my new project is to set up a site map--whatever that is!!!!!!
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Without going into technical details, a site map helps the search engines (like Google) to "understand" the structure of your site. The tutorial Kershnee linked to explains how to submit this site map. Google Webmaster is a very advanced feature, so you are to be commended for taking the plunge and using it. You are going to have to wade through quite a bit of technical language - so be patient with yourself.
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Hi max club,

Browser means the thing that you use to look at the internet such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.