Why does Yola have such limited features?

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Yola Why is it you don't have a lot of options? You don't have an IP deny manager, you don't have the ability to customize your navigation bar, you don't have enough layout option for your pages, your free templates are bad because there is no customizing I can do with the page. There is no drag and drop option, I can't use Microsoft word unless I upgrade. And those are just somethings I can name but get this even if you do upgrade to your 49.95 you still don't get all those things the only thing you get is the Microsoft word option. I would pay the 49.95 if you gave me these options but you don't and I am thinking of changing my web sever if you don't upgrade in the 49.95 option or the free option. I don't mean to be mean but it just doesn't cut it for me. Please upgrade YOLA! Oh BTW don't tell me because its free we can't do these things, no I am talking about the 49.95 option too.
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Hello Kyle,
I'm really sorry to hear you are feeling limited by what Yola has to offer. I'd like to address each issue you bring up and see if I can help you with creating a site you are happy with.

1. When you speak of IP deny ability, are you referring to the ability to ban certain IP addresses from accessing your site. Yola does not block on IP addresses as most of our users do not have a fixed IP address and thus blocking the IP they happen to be on will mean we have blocked legitimate users. Furthermore, a lot of Yola customers also have shared IP addresses and blocking this IP would mean that other legitimate users would also be blocked. IP based blocking only works well with fixed IP addresses.

2. At this time it is not possible to change the attributes of the default navigation and this is something we would like to improve upon in the future. However, many people have had luck with making a navigation they like using custom HTML. This website will give you lots of ideas for custom navigation menus that can be added to a Yola site: http://yolacodes.yolasite.com/. Possibly something on this site would help with what you would like to see on your site.

3. Where are you not able to drag and drop in the Sitebuilder? Whether you are using Yola Free or Yola Silver the drag and drop abilities are the same. Are you not able to drag and drop widgets from the Sidebar onto your page? If that is the case, I would definitely like to assist with finding out what the problem is.

4. When it comes to customizing your style, there are lots of ways to do this. We do have a tutorial that explains various ways to customize both free and premium styles with changing the banner, background etc here: Personalize your Style. Yola also has quite a few different layout options you can choose from for each page of your site. You can find them by clicking on the "Change Layout" button in the Sitebuilder.

5. Whether you are using Yola Free or Yola Silver adding Microsoft Word text to a page is something we advise against as it can cause a page to break. When copying and pasting text from a rich text editor, such as MS Word, this brings a log a great deal of unwanted code which can break your page and cause inconsistencies with your text formatting. It's not just with Yola that this would be a problem, but with many other programs as well.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding the information I have shared with you and I would be happy to assist further. We are here to help!

Kind Regards,
Customer Support Team Lead
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On 3. I am able to drag and drop from the side bar just I have to place it where Yola tells me not anywhere on that page. Such as webstarts has. I understand on how all this would take a while but what I want to know is Yola planning on an upgrade plus with the IP deny manger it would be my choice on my site to ban people and I think that it is no excuse that Yola might think they are losing people that way. As a website owner I should have full control not Yola. No offense to you for I no it is not your fault I just wonder why Yola thinks this way. But Thanks for the tips! I will check them out.
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Oh I see! You want to be able to drag stuff where you want. Maybe this will be a feature someday... Suggest it as a Idea by posting it here: http://forum.yola.com/yola/topics/new

If there is anything we can assist you with please do not hesitate to ask us! There is lots of people (including me) here to help! :)

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LOL Nathan, I don't think that you were around when I came up with this little ditty... You have to watch all three videos to fully appreciate the true WYSIWYG drag and drop possibilities.


I haven't played with it since I wrote it but I can only assume that it still will work today.

Funny thing though, with my brain seizures and memory loss I don't exactly recall doing the majority of it. Glad I had the wherewithal to create the thread so that I never forgot. ;)

LOL I even impressed myself a minute ago when I realized that I made the images on the "Imagemap without an imagemap" page all links. Pretty cool to be able to do the majority of it in Windows Publisher huh...

Happy site building

You can find me with my head in the honey pot here...

Honey Bear Playhomes Tips and Favs in one place... A Honey bear Playhomes Tip ;)
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Hello Kyle

If you would like greater flexibility over the layout of your site and placement of your widgets, I suggest using a 1-column layout. Then, utilizing the Text Widget (creating a horizontal section) and Column Divider Widget (for your vertical section), create the layout that you would like.

You can also add more Column Divider Widgets inside the Column Divider Widget - therefore giving you multiple columns. The center divider of the Column Divider widget can be dragged to the left or right to change the size of the columns.

I hope that this gives you the ability to create the perfect layout for your site.

We do not have any current plans at this time to have IP blocking. I will pass this idea onto our Product Team to take under future consideration.
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Thank you all for this. For now I will make do. It will just make it a challenge for me and I like challenges.
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If you really want something anywhere, you could use css positioning with z-index, but I advise against this unless you really know what you are doing.
for more information on this, go to http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_posi...