Why hasn't Yola fixed the hue problem of not being able to instantly revert your site to a previous style layout?

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I don't understand why Yola doesn't seem to be capable (or willing) to make it so if you change your site layout and don't like it, you can click "Undo" or something similar, and revert back to your previous style. That seems so 2001 in terms of technology and simplicity.

It also doesn't help that your warning messages are confusing, and don't do what they suggest. While in the sitebuilder, I had two versions of my site opened. Since you guys don't provide a simplistic way of reverting any formatting changes a la using a new style, I thought I'd get around it by having another version of my site opened simultaneously, that way if I didn't like the new layout, I could just re-save my old one. Ha! I guess you all showed me. When I went to save the old page style, a message popped up telling me there was a conflict. Yola gave me three options: (1) Use the current save; (2) some other confusing save option of either a previous/current version; or (3) save page as... option. Yola didn't think to give an explanation of which any other three options would do, so it's up to you to use trial and error. I've used both the first and second option, and BOTH options ended up overwriting my old saved layout, and keeping the new layout that I didn't wish to use. That's asinine in its self, but the even bigger problem is... why on Earth is there not some button I can click to go back to the previous save I had before??? So, what ends up happening is, you have to start all over and find the old style ... re-add any lost images ... and bunch of other trivial hoopla. It makes it very discouraging to want to use your site.
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I am very sorry to hear how upset you are. First of all, opening two windows of the sitebuilder will never have good results. Please stick to opening your site in only one window as any changes you make and save will be applied to your site, whether it is opened in a new window or not.

If you are interested in checking out new styles, I would suggest creating a test site, so that if you do not like the style, you do not need to use it. Please be aware that anytime you change a style on your site, the only thing that will change is the banner image. All of the other content you have on your site will remain the same.

Remember, if you ever change to a style that you do not like, you can simply go back to the previous style and all will be well.