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What could I accomplish on my site by being able to upload Java CSS or HTML files? what would i be able to do?
Hope thats clear. If not hees another shot. what would me being able to upload these types of files do for me? does this allow me to use a membership database or something? also why charge 50 bucks but not include SQL? at least the ability for us to incorporate it. I mean by us paying, you know just like with HTML files if we are uploading phishing things and what not, so why not allow us the ability to do that?
other hosting sites charge 1.85 a month to host and build a SQL database and website through them. If you don't understand SQL pay tech support 45 bucks and they will incorporate it for you. Jot Form (interology) has a Profile manager that is so basic to incorporate its childs paly.Yola already recommends them to some people why not create a deal to incorporate his Prifle manager, make some money off charging us for servers for SQL and BAM! everone comes out happy.

All im saying is make it worth while.
ALso please answer top questions, I just felt like spilling my heart. My site really needs membership databases....thats why. over 100 members and counting using one login and password. I havd to create a different site and point a new domian to Yola to use another login just so people don't spread the password out.
Thanks Yolaa for your time,

P.S. Why state that this service is free? Im not mad at all either just a question. I pay YOLA 20 bucks for a domain that I can find elsewhere for 10 bucks, 2 bucks(.info)(not sure if yola sells .info's) but you get my point, and say your not making any money or we arent paying in some way for hosting when we are. 20 bucks for a domain is much. Granted i purchased a .net from yola to support a free web builder but purchased a .info for 2 bucks and pointed it here.... get me..
Thanks agian Yola,
I will be purchasing the Pro soon.
These are just my thoughts at midnight lol.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Nick,

People have different reason for wanting to be able to upload HTML, but we have regular requests for it. Usually it is for a customization that is very specific to a single user. The issue we have when it is not linked to a paid account is the extreme abuse scenarios we have to deal with - mostly with phishing sites pretending to be Ebay and so forth - which is why we can only offer it to people who give us some more information about themselves, and the overhead in management requires than we charge.

I think I can safely say we will never support a SQL database - that is just not something that is scaleable for what we offer.

The membership database is a regular request, and is something we are looking at very seriously as an upcoming feature.

While you have bought a domain from us, most users have not, and most users enjoy a completely free offering. We make some money from domain sales, and appreciate your support in choosing us for that purchase. I believe that the ease in setup and integration is worth the premium, and while there are cheaper places to get a domain, there are also far more expensive ones.

And lastly, we would welcome you as either a pro or non-pro user.

It is customers like you that we want to support as you grow your sites into valuable and highly visited assets on the internet.

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i still dont get html and java uploads more info pls.
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Hi Nick

Off the top of my head, here are some thoughts on why it would be useful to be able to upload html/css/js.

* Common files:
Often you have elements that you want to apply to a number of pages. Say for example, you want to tweak the CSS of your page slightly. Now, you could paste the CSS code into everypage you want to apply the tweak on. Or ... you could create a css file and upload it to your website, then simply include that file in your pages like such:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="resources/my-custom-css.css" />

This way, if you want to change some style aspect on your site, you can simply make the change in your css file and the change will cascade across all your pages (instead of needing to manually go and make the change on every page).

Similarly, it may be useful to have include files for scripts etc which can do common things like render your google adsense or analytics code etc.

* Standalone files:
With HTML uploads, you can upload separate HTML files should you need pages in your site which do not inherit your template look and feel.

* Advanced JavaScript.

** JavaScript libraries:
Although most good libraries these days can be hosted off a 3rd party Content Delivery Network like Yahoo or Google, it might be useful to host your files on your own website.

** Writing JavaScript:
You can do quite a lot with JavaScript these days .. but if you are writing a lot of it ... it makes a lot more sense to write it in an editor on your computer and upload the file to your Yola site rather than simply writing it directly in the html editor.

.. These are just some of the things that I would personally use the advanced upload capability for.

Like Lisa mentioned; before we imposed the upload limit, there were a lot of users abusing these uploads for phishing purposes. However, since we removed the option, it has become evident that there are users who would like the service. Including this in the Yola pro package is our way of not limiting our advanced users, but still deterring abusive users from breaking our terms and conditions (and the law).
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Hey Nick,
Here's an example of how it will benefit me:

I have a CSS drop down menu that is identical on dozens of pages across my sites.
In the past if I wanted to add, remove or edit one item on the drop down I would have to go to each page and edit the CSS code for each.

Now, with the option to upload a CSS file, I only have to edit it once and it will update all the pages. I plan to have 100's of pages in future , so it's worth it for me.