Why won't my sites load in site builder, I've tried everything else

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For some reason, my sites won't load so that I can update them. My computer tells me that it has an error on the page to it won't load. I did everything the help section told me to do to try to figure out what the problem is. Nothing worked. Although, they opened no problem on my other compter that is hooked up to the same network. Does anyone here have any idea what can be done to fix this problem?
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  • frustrated, but hopeful that it will be fixed soon

Posted 9 years ago

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Hi jbdavisinc,

If your site is loading on one computer and not the other, then the issue is likely to be related to that individual computer and its settings.

Are you using the same browser (eg Firefox or Internet Explorer) on both computers?

From the sound of it you have cleared your cache and enabled cookies, is that a correct assumption?

I'd like to help you sort this out.
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Tok Guru

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Ruth, I think this is a bigger problem than you guys think.
Several people I know cant load their sitebuilder up on IE in the last 24 hrs.
Including my 2 sites.
But will load up on the same computer on firefox.
My sites for example is only updated daily on news content.
That is no major changes.
Hope u guys fix it
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Hello Tok Guru

I believe I am able to see your site on IE7. I've attached a screenshot. Can you confirm that this is your site?

One thing I did notice though is that your images have a very large file size. Web friendly images should between 20 and 100KB each, depending on how many you have on a page. You can see the file size displayed below the preview of the image in your file manager.

Large images can cause delays in opening, saving, previewing, publishing and viewing your site. This will be a source of frustration to you, and your site visitors. This is how to fix that problem:

1. click on the "File Manager" button
2. click on the picture you wish to edit and then on the 'Edit Image', you will go through to the photo editing site, Picnik.com
3. once in Picnik, click on 'Resize' (make sure the 'keep proportions' button is selected)
4. change the size to something smaller
5. click on ok and then "Save to Yola"

If the picture is too big to load with Picnik, you can change the file size on your PC and re-upload using the File Manager. If you have access to image editing software such as Photoshop, you can use their "save for web" function and this will automatically optimize your images and save them in a web friendly format. You can also use this [Image Compression Tool](http://www.stanleyshilov.com/online-t...) which will allow you to upload your image, compress it and then download the smaller file.

We have an excellent tutorial which is an overview of creating Internet savvy images including information on issues such as screen resolution, image file formats and dpi vs. pixels, here is a link: Images & More Tutorial.

I hope this information helps. Please let us know if you still have trouble.
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Tok Guru

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Hi there
This is NOT my site.
The problem is not viewing the site.
The issue is the yola sitebuilder which has been loading without any problem for the past year.
Now WITHOUTany recent changes at all, the sitebuilder cannot be loaded on IE.
But easily loaded on firefox.
On the same computer.
So one log in, yola site comes up, but clicking on our site results in the loading image flashing for 24 hours without loading!!
So either there was a surreptious update of IE in the middle of the night that changes the IE setting.
That wasnt fix by clearing the cache or ensuring java active script enabling or compatibility views etc.
Or there is a bug in the yola server.
My guess is the other.
My 2 sites both cannot load up the sitebuilder on IE.
BUt it can be freely viewed on IE
And yes both sitebuilders load up on firefox that I have never used b4
REPEAT - The prob is loading up the sitebuilder on IE; not viewing the site on IE
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Hi Tok Guru,

Could you post your site's URL and also let us know what version of IE you are using - is it IE6, 7 or 8?

We have had one or two people struggling to access the site builder in IE and re-installing it seemed to help. The alternative is to use another browser. If you could give me the above information, I will try and see whether I experience any problems on my side.
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Tok Guru

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Hi there
Strange things must happen when one goes to sleep.
Remember, I said my sites were updated only for news content ie text only.
And the sites can be viewed completely on any browsers.
But the sitebuilder wont load on IE 8 but will on firefox. for the last 2 days.
I can log in, but clicking on the site will produce perpetual viewing of the loading sign!
Well same thing this am until ,,,,,,,,
I was googling for an unrelated issue on IE8 when a site prompts me to download adobe flash.
Strange I thought, considering the thousands of sites I visited had required this add on - so I am sure it was already there,
But I thought I will humour it.
A few minutes later I thought maybe yola also required that
Wallah - the yola sitebuilder loaded on IE 8.
I know it doesnt make sense.
Y one can view the site but not load the sitebuilder if it was only an adobe flash hiccup.
So those automatic microsoft updates must have done some creepy manipulation.
Or you guys fix some bug simultaneously on your end that coincides with me downloading the adobe download manager.
Another one to add to the mystery of cyberspace.
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Odd, but happy to hear the problem is resolved for you!
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Tok Guru

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Yola loading display suggest it requires a flash player.
So if the player is not there or not activated, it wont load.
Anyway I am not about to switch it offf just to satisfy a curiosity.
In cyberspace, let sleeping dogs lie.