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Widget Copy + Paste? Please? This would save so much time for us creative types who really like to tweak our pages, then want to re-arrange things later. The ability to copy a widget from one page and paste it somewhere else, multiple times or even just once, would be phenomenal.
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Zack Simon

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Posted 7 years ago

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Hello Zack

Thank you for your feedback on a feature which has been requested by other users, too. I absolutely agree with you that this would be a very useful thing to have, and we're discussing it in our team.

Did you know this workaround that you can at least use for all your Text Widgets? You can just view the HTML code of an existing Text Widget, copy it, then paste it into the HTML code of a newly added Text Widget in order to get an identical copy. You can obviously do the same with HTML Code Widgets.
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Damian Gardiner

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How do I see the HTML of a text widget? How do I copy it? How do i Paste it?
I hope you will add this feature soon as I have a sitemap on the bottom of each page. the site-map has 6 different text widgets with links to all the other pages on the site, about 25. At the moment, if i change the pages i have to laboriously paste the change onto my site pages, saving and loading each new page. So say I have made 6 changes across 6 of the site divisions, this means i have to repeat this process 125 times.
It's painful. I hope Yola will create the ability to copy widgets and widget sets soon.

Another possibility is to a have a sitemap widget. So you can lay out your sitemap as you wish, and any and all changes you make to your sitemap will be reflected on all footer sitemaps in one go.
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Hello Damian,

To Copy the HTML code within a text widget: 
Click anywhere within the text widget. The text widget edit menu will appear and to the far right within that menu bar you will see the blue HTML button. Click this button and the HTML code will be displayed within a modal box with the heading: Edit HTML.
To Copy the HTML just highlight the html you wish to copy and use standard Ctrl+C or right click your mouse and use the copy function offered. Similarly, to paste the copied code, use Ctr+V or the paste function that shows when you right click your mouse.

Here is an additional approach to adding repeating elements to the Footer of your web pages:
If your link text widgets are in the Footer region of you page and you have a Silver subscription then you could use the footer facility to carry these through each page of your site automatically.

Site → Tracking → Site Tracking Code → Footer Code → {HTML}

You would then paste the relevant copied HTML code from your procedure of editing the HTML mentioned above. There is no GUI used in this section so you need to adjust the HTML to accomplish spacing and formatting if required. 

This Footer addition is potentially a risky action as there is no safety net built-in in case of incorrect or incomplete code and it has caused crashes for various people using this facility. You are best to create a "Test site" and run this through a test site prior to doing this on your active site
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Cathy Alexander

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The widget boxes dont change do they?  I want a box right across the page, but it wont do it!!!  How do you change the box sizes????
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Hi Cathy, 

Our widgets are dynamic meaning they change size to accommodate the content inside them. While you can't set the widget box size, you can insert widgets inside other widgets that allow you to adjust the amount of space they consume. For example, if you place a text widget inside a column divider widget, the column divider widget will ensure that the text widget doesn't go past the space you designated in the column divider. 

Please let me know if I have misunderstood your question.