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Hi all,

I've just been playing with the Widgetbox Gallery widget and it's quite neat overall, it certainly opens up a portal to a whole new dimension of plug and play add-ons.

I have a few comments, and some ideas that hopefully might help to make it even more user-friendly:

- Firstly the name of the icon in the sidebar may not give a particularly clear indication of what its purpose is, i.e. to let one browse a "Gallery" of widgets. For those that know what the Widgetbox website is about it might be perfect, but I think maybe it's worth considering changing the wording to something like "Widgetbox Widget Browser", indicating that upon dropping it opens up a further browser, possibly even with the classic indicative ellipses on the end, i.e. "Widgetbox Widget Browser...". Maybe even just "Widgetbox Widget..."

- The first time I tried to edit a widget which I had added via the Gallery I clicked on the widget, then opened up the properties sidebar and expected to see its properties there. I only say this to share my particular first encounter with that functionality, which is not to say it's necessarily like anyone else's :) I understand that there's probably a practical limitation with trying to integrate the edit functions of the Widgetbox Gallery interface into your own native interface, which I assume may be partly why you've kept it separate...? What about just having an "Edit..." button on the properties tab which launches the same edit window as clicking "Edit" in the widget title in the layout pane? I'm just thinking it might be nice to have an additional entry point.

With my next couple of comments I will assume that I am referring to areas of the Widgetbox Gallery plugin that you guys actually can change, I'm not sure how custom an implementation you have implemented or are allowed to implement as far as what Widgetbox provides.

- When adding a widget, some of them have two "Get Widget" buttons (a big one in the top right corner of the window, and a small one in the bottom right), and some don't. Some that do: Google Maps, FriendFeed Widget, Pandora Station List. Some that don't: Back
Full Size Synth Piano, Google Search. Looks like it may have something to do with the size / amount of properties available for a given widget.

- Are all of the Widgetbox widgets available in the Gallery widget? It seems a bit odd how they are categorised, with only a handful being in all of the categories except for the Favorites category, which seems to hold about 70,000 widgets judging by the amount of pages. Is widget categorisation done by the Widgetbox people? Or by the widget contributors maybe?

On an unrelated topic, with the new Password Protection feature for pages, is there a way to edit the username and password for a page? I couldn't find it anywhere so just wondering... if there isn't then maybe a good place for this would be in the page properties sidebar, beneath Favorites Icon. Another possibility (or additionally) could be in the menu editor, where password protected "menu items" could have the username and password fields in the little "Settings" expander.

Keep up the good work guys!


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Posted 10 years ago

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Hi Wayne,

Thanks, as always, for your feedback and we'll certainly take it into account :)

To edit the username and password
1. Click on the Site Manager tab
2. Click on "Site Password Protection" underneath the list of pages of your site
3. A dialogue box will open where you can edit your username and password, change which pages it applies to or remove it completely.
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Ah, ok didn't think to look there, thanks Marije :-)