Yola and my life story

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Hello everyone and thank you for your time for reading this.

Most likely that new members here don't know me but I still can remember one of my favorite members here, Nathan, Monique, c2print, Clouda9 and Donald. Apologies if you know me and I missed your name.

Here is my story with Yola :)

It was 2009 or 2008, I can't remember exactly, I joined Yola after testing some other free site builders. I had a little knowledge over HTML stuff but it was very limited.
I don't want to mention my first web site builder's name here but it gave me MUCH pleasure that I own piece of content over the Internet.

Later, I realized that I should find a better builder just because of MY LIMITED knowledge.

Then, I ended up here at Yola and it was a whole new experience.

I'm not from a rich family and I was still a student. No PC but I had a fair mobile phone to do most of the things. But Yola site builder was no mobile-friendly so I spent most of the time learning things in Yola forum.

I was a n00b and I can remember how much staff members like Monique and other people helped me. I still have those emails and they are really worth keeping forever.

I was interested in free domains , .tk specifically, and I needed to test it out. I could! It was my mind impression for several days. I was helping many of the others to get the DNS done in return.

I must say about a nice person I met here. She's from NY and we have a great friendship and she has helped me a LOT of times.

Later I got some wild ideas about php and other CMSs so I started to discover them.
Now, I'm a web developer working for a well known branded company and I have come many times to see what's going on.
I found that Yola isn't allowing you to use custom domains on free plans but the awesomeness is still there.

So I wish you all a beautiful future and wish you all the best or your ventures.
Trust me: web developing is really fun that's one of the easiest way to get the happiness thinking someone is using my site and he/she is getting something useful from my work.

Thank you all of you for your support to build my life.
If anyone here needs a CSS html or php-related help, just ask me and I will try help you to figure it out.

Enjoy the work, and that's how to go for success :)
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Posted 8 years ago

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A good offer, Silverx. You may be taken up on it.

Best for your future.
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Hi SilverX,
Thank you for sharing your history with us. That is right, there is a lot of people who don't know about styling css, html or other things. I learned a lot of things from here too like you did.
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Thanks for sharing your history with us SilverX. I've been with Yola for two and a haf years and I recall your activity in the forum at the beginning of my tenure. Monique is still here as well, so I'll be sure to share your post with her.
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Hi SilverX

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story with us! I remember you very well indeed and it is lovely to hear from you again! It is very rewarding to hear that not only did Yola help you get a website, but that it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you and even helped you make some friends along the way! All of this is really down to your own perseverance and hard work of course, but we think it is really cool that we could be part of your journey. All the best with your exciting career as a web developer and we hope you keep coming back to visit us!