Yola not allowing Facebook to pick up thumbnails of photos when sharing my websites' links on Facebook

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I use Yola to run a blog. Each blog post has its own photo. Facebook no longer picks up the post photos in its script to put thumbnails when I share the post links on facebook. Facebook used to pick them up but then changed something and no longer picks up the photos in the posts or even the Yola Style Banner. Since Yola does not allow me to change the meta tags in my pages, which would allow a super easy fix to the problem because one can use the meta tag to tell facebook exactly what photo to use for the thumbnail I feel like there is something in Yola that is blocking facebook from seeing that there is a perfectly fine linkable photo sitting right there in the page. Here is a screenshot of the problem on the facebook end: http://i.imgur.com/4eZU1.png

And here is my website: www.crash-itproductions.com

This is a problem because my traffic has gone down since this problem started because people click more when they see a photo instead of just a text link.
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Official Response
Hi Amanda,

There is a way to ensure that you have the desired thumbnail displaying for your website on Facebook if you are a Yola Silver or Yola Gold subscriber. Also note, Facebook requires a minimum size of 200x200 px for the image you use.

Please follow these steps:

1. Open your website in the Sitebuilder.
2. Click on the "Site" tab.
3. Click on "Tracking" to open the tracking section.
4. Click on the "Site Tracking Code" icon.
5. Into the right-hand side "Header Code" box, paste in this code: <br><br>
```<meta property="og:image" content="http://yoursite.com/resources/yourthumbnailimage.jpg"; />```

6. Replace:
 * http://yoursite.com with the URL of your published site.
 * yourthumbnailimage.jpg with the name of your image file.

7. Save and make sure you republish your site!

Now you can go to your Facebook wall and post your URL. The desired thumbnail image should come up.

If it still doesn't display, you will need to run your URL through the Facebook Debugger. To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Clear cache and cookies of your browser. 
2. Log into your Facebook account. 
3. Click on this link (it must open in the same browser where you are logged into your Facebook account).
 * Enter your URL in the field provided and click on the "Debug" button.
5. Once done, try to add your URL to your Status box on Facebook. It should now show the desired thumbnail.