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I am purchasing an iPad later this year and I was wondering is the Yola site builder ever going to be compatible?

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Hey everyone

I'm a UI engineer here at Yola.

Let me start off by saying that we would love (especially me) to build an IOS app or have Yola run natively on IOS safari. We'd probably be the first website builder to do it and it would be awesome. Problem is, in my estimation it's quite unlikely that we'll be able to get the SiteBuilder running in IOS Safari. It's also quite unlikely that we'll build a separate IOS application for the purposes of updating blog content.

Here are some of the technical issues that stand in the way of bringing Yola to Safari on IOS.

IOS Safari doesn't support the contentEditable DOM API. This is the bit of magic that lets you edit text widgets in Yola. This rules out our most popular widget. We could offer a stripped down version without any formatting options, but that seems like a big draw-back.

IOS Safari has a different mouse event model. This would offer some significant challenges when we needed to implement drag and drop operations.

IOS Safari doesn't support flash, which powers our uploads and image editing features - we could work around that though.

iPad resoultion isn't very high, which might mean we would need to make two versions of the UI which is quite complicated and hard to maintain. This might change on iPad 3 with retina display... but that's just a rumor at the moment.

There are also a few reasons it doesn't make sense to build a native IOS application.

Making the entire application IOS native would take too long and cost too much. I would love to do it - it would be so cool, and the only thing like it in the App Store, but the project would be too big for us to take on.

We could make something that would allow you to do something like update your blog, but again, bad news :(

Our blog currently has no external API and requires a republish to update. We would need to build an external API, pretty much rebuild our blogging system and migrate our old users data.

That, coupled with us having to hire new engineers to build the IOS application means the project would be too big to be feasible right now.

As always, we'll keep an eye on how IOS technology develops, but for the medium term I don't think we'll be playing in this space.