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Hi all
I see articles on Remove YOLA name from footer and thought I'd share my thoughts
I like YOLA and have no plan of taking their name off the footer.
I like playing around with this type of thing and hopefully will make a few dollars with it some day. I look at it this way. Some one has taken an idea of putting together a chance at a "Free Web Site" and one of the few thing they ask for in that their name is at the bottom of the page.
If you choose to have a web site where you can remove the company name at the bottom of the page may I suggest Office Live. at http://www.officelive.com
I thought that they had a good thing till I have problem with coding or web-site down or just a question in general. Good luck. I think I got threw once and a reply came back saying they would look into it and someone will be in touch. I'M still waiting.
I play around with Affiliate Sales and found that Office Live the coding has to be change and them sometimes you lose the tracking section back to you. But you can remove the footer.
The other thing I found is that some Affiliate Merchants don't and/or won't have their adds on a free web site. Remove the YOLA name and do you think they wouldn't find out. All they have to do is do a page source and you'll still have the YOLA name or a path back to YOLA. They probably would say a word. They enforce their contracts and they let some one be sneaky and then you may not get paid. There are many other Merchants that like advertising where ever and like sites that are designed different. At YOLA I can.
How many non web site building people look at a web site at the bottom of the page to see if it's free or not. They don't. They are shoppers. Most people are searching for merchandise, good, and/or information and don't care if it's a free site or not. They have a purpose for searching and want what they want it now.

Now Why I Like YOLA
It's free
It's simple.
I enjoy play around with the possibilities.
The support system is something that I never thought I'd use. Now I just love it.
The people on the support network here a wonderful. Ask a question here and some one will usually try to help with a suggestion or two. And you can give back if you choose.
Such a little thing such as YOLA name and the one who made the template. Is it to much to ask for one to have YOLA and the template maker in the footer.

Here's something to think about. The car you have or the car in the future take their name off that to. Remove the name of your bank from your check or debit card. See how that goes over.

YOLA has a good thing. Many good, wonderful people here. I'd think one would be proud to be associated with YOLA. I know I am.

Now if you really need the YOLA name off your site maybe you should have that choice.

For me I choose YOLA in the footer.

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Posted 10 years ago

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Hi papa

Thank you for this wonderfully supportive post. We are so pleased to hear that you understand what the Yola brand is all about and you are proud of your connection with us. It is a real privilege to have customers like yourself using our service and recommending us to others. I am sure there are many others who feel the same way and, if not, our aim is to make them love Yola just as much as you do!

At the same time we do understand the position of people who do not want to advertise the fact that they have used a free site builder to create their sites. We want to accommodate everyone - the people who are quite happy to keep the footer, the people who say "Can my Yola Ad be Bigger Please!" and the people who do not want any links or copy other than what they chose to place on their sites.

We believe that the project we are working on will meet all these needs.

Meantime, we are glad you are happy with the Yola link. We are happy to have you promote our brand while we help you build your site!
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Thank's for taking the time to write that up papa.
A round of applause !!
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Yeah Yola is awesome! I like having the footer at the bottom, the only thing I want to do with the footer is ADD (without deleting the Yola link) a copyright thing.
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I agree yola is the best free website maker i have ever tried.I like it that much there made with yola logo is placed right next to my logo on my website.

Your The Best
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I also am happy to keep the Yola logo on the site. Actually, I've been with Office Live since it came out of beta. I'm pretty familiar with the pros and cons, and right now there are a lot of reasons to prefer Yola. For now I'm working on both sites and keeping the logos for both companies. However, I'm also working on how to bring my OL traffic to my Yola site.

Yola, keep up the good work and keep an eye on OL - don't make their mistakes, and more people will be switching to Yola.
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you have created a wonderful little site,threw Yola, that I enjoyed. I put a link here (http://www.godsgiftstore.info/r-l.php) to your site and hopefully more people can also enjoy your site that may not have access to the forum here. Hope that's O.K.