yola should make it available to edit your site's html

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Yola is a great website creator (the best one i found), but the only most important thing is missing: editing your site's html. I know yola makes it easy for non html users, but why not also for html users?
I think Yola doesn't do that because they are afraid about people erasing the sign etc. Will you please take this under consideration?
thank you so much.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Actually if they allowed us to edit our site's HTML they could just have the system add the logo at the end and ever show it in the HTML editor at all.

I think the main reason that they don't want to allow this is because people that don't have knowledge of HTML might erase certain parts or mess up their site and then it won't load in the editor.

This is a good idea though, I would like to have this option as well.
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Hi rose

This suggestion was discussed on a thread when we released the site CSS feature. You can read the full thread here: http://forum.yola.com/yola/topics/sit...

The reason we don't allow direct HTML editing is not so that people don't remove the Yola Link, but because of a reason Nathan alluded to. Here is the response from our engineer on the above thread which explains this in detail:

We may be supporting HTML editing in the future - but perhaps not in the way you might think.

What we would likely do is let people sign up for a developer account. With that account they would be able to write their own styles, which would include HTML, CSS and some very simple PHP templating. Once a user has authored their style they would be able to use it in their account and submit it for inclusion into the main style gallery for everyone to use.

Essentially you would be able to write your own HTML and CSS as a style - but not edit it on the fly while you're building your site. The way our system is set up, some very serious things could go wrong if you edited the HTML incorrectly - and we might not be able to recover your site should the worst happen. So on the fly editing would be very dangerous - too dangerous for us to release given our setup. If you needed to edit you could use an existing style as a starting point, modify it and save it as a new style.

With this set up it would be possible that you could even sell the styles you make.

This feature isn't close to being scheduled - and it may turn out we do something completely different. I can't commit to it - just consider this an idea we might like to go with some day.
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Thank you so much. I understand your point I didn't really think about it at the beginning.
sorry for disturbing you.
I've been looking for a long time for the best website builder and when I started using Yola I kept on discovering more and more good stuff about it.
I'll be recommending Yola to everyone I know.
Again thank you very much
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We are so happy to hear how happy you are with Yola, Roee. Thanks for recommending us to your friends and family!