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It is with excitement that we announce the release of our brand new subscription package, Yola Silver. In this post I will outline the features included in the package, and then explain how our existing customers can take advantage of special Yola deals to upgrade to Yola Silver.

What's in Yola Silver?

Yola Silver replaces our existing subscription package, Yola Pro. It includes all the great features of Yola Pro, plus some great additions, all at the same price of $49.95/year - that works out to about $4.16/month. Yola Silver includes the following features:

  • A credit for a custom domain name so that you can own your own piece of the web (value $19.95 / year)

  • Private registration for your custom domain name (optional - value $9.95 / year)

  • A credit for a Premium Style to help your website stand out

  • Yola Link Removal -- the Yola link at the bottom of free styles removed from all your sites

  • Create up to 25 sites, get 5 GB of storage per site, and upload files of up to 100MB

  • Plus some one-time bonuses:

  • Advertising credits with Yahoo! and Facebook (value $25 each)

  • 10 credits for stock photos at Fotolia (value $10)

  • A credit to make your own logo through HP Logomaker (value $50)

What's new in Yola Silver?

Let me call out some of the new features we are in including in Yola Silver:

  • Credit for a custom domain name + private registration. You can now get a custom domain name as part of Yola Silver - no need to buy a domain separately any more. This means that you pay one low yearly price for all these features, without having to renew your domain separately.

  • What if you have an existing domain? Well, then you can use your Yola Silver domain credit to extend your existing Yola domain for the period you buy Yola Silver for. We'll associate your existing Yola domain with your Silver account so that you only have one renewal to remember and pay every year.

  • HP Logomaker credit. Having a logo for your business further helps you to stand out from the crowd. With this $50 credit and our partnership with HP you're able to easily create a unique logo for your business. You can use this on your website, letterheads, business cards... anywhere you need to build up brand recognition!

  • Fotolia stock photography credits. With this release we are also changing our stock photography provider to Fotolia, and we think you're going to like this change. We now give you 10 credits, so you can get more images than in the past. Fotolia credits are also cheaper than our previous provider, so you can get more stock images for fewer credits.

  • What about existing customers?

    For our existing paying customers who wonder how this is going to affect them, don't fear - you're in for a treat!

    • Existing Yola Pro users. Existing Yola Pro users will be upgraded to Yola Silver automatically, and at no extra cost. But that's not all. To say thank you for being such loyal customers, we are giving you a 1-year domain credit immediately - again, at no extra cost to you. You can use this credit to get a custom domain for your site, or to extend your existing Yola domain by 1 year. (Yes, really - at no extra cost to you!)

    • Existing Custom Domain / Premium Style / Yola Link Removal customers. If you have bought a domain name, a premium style, or link removal from us in the past, congratulations! You are now a Yola Bronze user! To thank you for your business, our Yola Bronze customers will be able to upgrade to Yola Silver at a special discount of 30% of the regular price for the first year. This brings your cost to upgrade to Yola Silver to only $34.95 for the first year!

    • Existing Yola Link Removal customers. As part of the release of Yola Silver, we are no longer going to sell Yola Link Removal as an a-la-carte option. From now on, if users want to remove the Yola link from their pages, they will have to upgrade to Yola Silver (and get all the great features that come with it!). But what about those of you who have purchase Yola Link Removal from us before? Don't worry - you're safe. You will continue to have the link removed from all pages at no extra yearly cost.

    And that's about it from me. If you have questions or comments about Yola Silver, please let us know below, or head over to our community forum where our wonderful support team will answer your questions in no time.

    We hope you enjoy Yola Silver. Why not check it out now?
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    • excited

    Posted 10 years ago

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    I love it! As always, Yola has come up with the business. Isn't it nice to be rewarded too? In these difficult times, we can all appreciate something for free, and the extra year with the domain for existing users is a truly appreciated bonus. Thank you Yola!
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    Monique, VP of Customer Support

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    So glad you like it! Our customers are super-important to us and it is such a fabulous reward for everyone's hard work to hear that you are happy. We are all about giving great value to make you successful with your site, and a domain is a big part of that.
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    One small step for Yola, one giant leap for Yolakind. :-)
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    Since the name is Yola Silver, are you releasing a Yola Gold or anything higher as well?
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    Hi Rjun - you can find more information on this thread: http://forum.yola.com/yola/topics/whe....
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    Thanks Yola,

    here is my idea,
    the silver package is Great-est , no any other valueable packages on the plannet , but Yola will get more if continue to offer just link removal at $ 10 per year. so every person can get a proffesional looking web site at like no cost at all.
    Somebody (like me) will glad to remove yola link , but already registered a domain using third party.

    Thanks Yola team.

    ps : I found that employees were decreased by 5
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    For making a logo, where do I go to redeem that credit? I do not see a link in the sitebuilder or on the login page after I sign in.
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    Hello lambofgod,
    You should receive an email from us with the codes you need, and instructions on how to make use of your credits for iStockphotos, Logomaker, Facebook and Yahoo. Please let us know if you do not receive this.

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    Nope didn't seem to have received the email, I've checked all of them Yola know about but nothing with codes in it.
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    This is the only one I have received:
    his message contains graphics. If you do not see the graphics, click here to view.
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    Hello Dan,

    Let your website shine with Yola Silver

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    We're proud to introduce Yola Silver. It's filled with features to customize your website - so you can get that extra sparkle to distinguish your site from the rest.

    Upgrade to Silver

    Yola Silver comes with:
    Custom Domain Name - Create a professional image with a web address that's easier for visitors to remember and for search engines to find. ($19.95/year value)
    Premium Style - Make your mark with our exclusive designer templates. (up to $39.95 value)
    Photos and Advertising - Get $100+ in credits for stunning images, logo design and online ads.
    Yola Link Removal - Remove the Yola Link with this exclusive Yola Silver feature.
    More, more, more - Upload larger files (100MB) along with more storage and websites.
    Unbelievably low price - Save with $188.00 in features packaged for $49.95/year - around $4/month.
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    Wondering about Yola Pro? We're replacing it with Yola Silver. Get every feature of Yola Pro plus a free Custom Domain Name - all for the same price.


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    Looks like you the wrong email there - it is the one that was meant to go to users of Yola Free. Would like to figure out how this happened as it could be a bug on our end we need to fix. Can you confirm for me that you don't own more than one Yola account, before I go and speak to some people and try to chase this up? In the meantime your domain credit should be available in your Yola account and you can disregard the above email.
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    Hi lambofgod,
    Ok, I see what the confusion is. I'm sorry, I thought you had purchased Yola Silver and did not receive an email with the credit codes. But, after doing some looking you all ready had Yola Pro so were in the group that was upgraded to Yola Silver. The upgrade was that you get a custom domain name added to your account. Unfortunately, the upgrade does not include the other credits. Rian tried to explain that in the initial post, so I'm sorry if that was confusing. You do have a credit for a custom domain name, so we hope you will be able to choose one that you like!

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    Oh ok, thanks for the clear up.