Your form widget: I receive strange blank submissions

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Hi there,

I'm using your form widget to receive requests for our Russian lesson.
Every few days (maybe one a week or every second week) I'm receiving submissions that look like this:

You received a submission from Learn:

You received this form submission from your site powered by
If you need help with your form, please contact customer support.

This must be some kind of bug because even if a person doesn't write anything in the different form fields I should be still getting the whole form with all the questions even if they are not answered.

This is the form:

As you can see, there are 9 questions, and some of them are dropdown, so even if you click submit without answering a question I should still receive more than that strange blank submission.

Also, usually receive more than one (yesterday I received 4 from 1:37am to 1:42am). My theory is that someone indeed fills up the form and the system attempts to send it to me, and the blank form I receive is just the system trying to send but not being able.

Do you have any clue about what could be happening?

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  • a little bit concerned

Posted 9 years ago

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Hello Jose,

I can certainly shed some light on this. There are two reasons why this might have happened, both of which you don't necessarily have to worry about.

Here are the two scenarios as to why this is happening so you can decipher which one you are seeing.

1. If when you receive a form submission to your email you see the form fields such as "Name:", "Address:" etc. but there is no information added to the fields from the form submitter, this is because the form has been submitted blank with none of the fields having been filled in. This is something that will happen and cannot be avoided as sometimes people will just submit your form without filling anything in.

2. If when you receive the submitted form there is absolutely nothing in the form submission such as field names, information etc., this is due to a spam bot. This is another thing that is difficult to combat.

From the two scenarios above, what you can be sure of is that you are not missing any legitimate form submissions such as a customer filling out the form fully, submitting it, and you not seeing the submitted information.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any other assistance.
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Thanks, now everything is clear :)