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Your free website sucks! I lost all my data on trying to make one. Nothing works. Loaded with bugs and such that makes any work useless. I spent all day and night on it and lost it all. Back to the drawing boards please. I will never try it again. Richard Neva,
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hello Richard,
I am very sorry you have had trouble with the Site Builder. If you would like us to try and help you with specific problems you are having we would be very glad to. Please email us at

Kind Regards,
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Monique, VP of Customer Support

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Hi Richard

Thank you for your honest feedback.

We are of course concerned to hear that you experienced our site builder as loaded with bugs and that "nothing works" for you. However, in response to your report I tried a number of actions in the site builder (including adding content, saving and publishing) and they all worked as expected. You report losing all your data. I can certainly understand why this would make you never want to use our service again, but I would be very grateful to any insight into what caused this loss of data. If you can let me know what happened - for example, were you working on your site when you lost your work, or did you log out and log in again and find it missing? As we go back to the drawing board, as you suggest, it would be most helpful to know specifically what did not work for you so that we know where to start fixing things.
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Hi Richard

Sad to hear that you are experiencing such problems. I truly feel for you and hear where you are coming from. When I started out building my first site 6 months ago I had every problem in the book come up and saw my work vanish many times. I tried and tried and tried and after so many attempts I came to the realization that most of the problems were my own doing or that I was not using Firefox to edit or build my site.

That is not to say that your problems are the same as mine but many are I am sure. I have run into nearly everything that could go wrong and learned from each and every incident. Each time I grew more knowledgeable and secure in my website building abilities. I read as much as I can both online and here in the forums and before long it was I who was the one giving advice instead of taking it.

I have no doubt that if you give Synthasite another well deserved chance that you can and will build the coolest site out there and who knows maybe even be the one helping others with their problems. Do yourself a favor and take a moment to see what was constructed using a really great website builder. Look at some of the great examples here in the forums and on the Synthasite home page featured sites. Then begin anew and construct a cool new and fresh site that no one here has seen before. I would love to see what you can come up with. With Synthasite so many things are possible. You must believe that and take it to heart...

We would love to hear those things that you are referring to as bugs because I am sure that many are simple fixes and if they are not so easy they are something that the support staff not only needs to know but more importantly truly wants to know about. They as well as your fellow members and site builders are here for you. Help us make Synthasite even better...

I wish you happy site building
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Nice animation banner, Mr. Ed!
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hmmm I wondered who that was from down under ;)

I got bored one day. LOL

Thanks girl
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foolish people...... keep on good work ....Syntha is the best!
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I LOVE SYNTHASITE - and my site isn't even published yet. I work on it daily, bit by bit, publish it occasionally to share it with friends and then unpublish it. Its exactly what I wanted/needed. I will be selling a product online soon, and synthasite has given me the most sensible solution to having an online presence.