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Photo of Nathan
Mobile sites
Wow, I just noticed that mobile sites is now in beta. Fantastic job Yola, you guys have been rolling out a lot of new features which is a...
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Photo of allen
Super Sanja
I would lke to thank Sanja for the fast & great support I received in fixing a technical problem on my site. Two thumbs up!
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Photo of Monique
Thank you Yola Support Team!
Today I simply have to express my gratitude to the most passionate, hard working and doggedly determined support team on the planet. The...
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Photo of B*
My 3rd Yola Website!
I recently added a 3rd Yola website to my collection, this one for a personal Zazzle business designing t-shirts, mugs, cards, mouse-pads...
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Photo of Sister
I (still) love Yola!
I usually do a little work on my site every week, but just this week I've had a chance to try out new widgets. They're great! I'm now usi...
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Photo of Shawn Holman
December Code Requests
The last month of the year. How fast 2011 went huh? Well don't worry, I will be doing Code Requests all year, next year. Talking about co...
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